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20 Tips for Traveling in Peru on a Budget

By Tony Dunnell. Peru Travel Expert

Tony Dunnell has been living and traveling in Peru. From his base in the jungle town of Tarapoto. He proceeds to explore the rich culture and attractions of his home.

Traveling in Peru on a budget requires some discipline and money management that is smart. The following tips will help you stretch your Peru budget so far as possible, giving you extra money for occasional splurges and tours that are expensive.

1. Understand the Peruvian Nuevo Sol

2. Eat for Cheap in Peru

Restaurants, especially in hotspots such as Cusco, Lima and Arequipa, are more expensive than the restaurants frequented by Peruvians. Eat where the locals go and you’ll be surprised at how well you can eat in Peru on a budget (for price ranges, see How Much Does it Cost to Eat Out in Peru? ) . Shoestring travelers should make the most of lunch. When meals are available at incredibly low rates.

4. Set Prices in Advance

5. Cook Your Own Food

6. Know How Much to Tip in Peru

Peru is not a big tipping nation, so don’t go blowing your budget on hints that are unnecessary. There are some occasions when a tip is expected, such as in mid range to restaurants, but do not feel the need to hand your change on to taxi drivers. Taxi drivers don t expect tips, and they are most likely currently overcharging you. More

7. Maintain Alcohol to a Minimum

8. Learn How to Haggle

Don’t be afraid to haggle over prices, especially in markets that are conventional. Prices generally start high, so it’s your job to settle on a price acceptable to both parties. Consider negotiating costs for hotel and hostel rooms. There’s no harm in trying, although you receive a straightforward no. It’s easier to get a discount for stays of four. More

9. Eat Your Free Breakfast

If your hotel or hostel includes a free breakfast. Haul your bones before it’s gone, and make the most of it. Breakfasts normally start at about 7 a.m. and finish at 9 or 10 a.m. but the later you are, the thinner the pickings become.

10. Attempt CouchSurfing in Peru

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